Dr. Peter Glidden and NASA Scientist and engineer Miguel Castillo at the Premiere of The Big Secret which is a movie that speaks towards the myriads of ways we are being essentially poisoned towards illnesses.

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) was the trigger for Miguel Castillo to rethink his life, to question what he wants and how he treats himself. He thinks your body never lies to you, it tries to communicate with you, Maybe we should listen better, maybe we should educate ourselves on how to be healthy and maybe we needs moments of stillness to reflect. What would you do if live gave you a second chance?

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 19 and being condemned to a wheelchair for life, Miguel discovered that his dream of being an astronaut contained a secret to returning the feeling back to his body. In only 1.5 years, he found a solution to defeat his paralysis, and a few years later he joined NASA. In the 12 years that Miguel has remained MS-free, he has understood why he developed that illness: not following his dreams. Now, Miguel teaches others how achieve the “impossible”, and that “feeling the universe” is the next step in human evolution.

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