ClinicSpeak: understanding trigeminal neuralgia in MS

Gavin-Giovannoni-150x150Professor Gavin Giovannoni
Department of Neurology
Royal London Hospital


“The study below shows no correlation with low baseline vD levels and future disability progression. However, it did show a correlation with relapses in young pwMS. I am not surprised by this data as it is becoming increasingly clear in established MS that low levels of vD levels may be due to reverse causation, i.e. inflammatory disease activity lowers vD levels rather than the low vD levels driving inflammatory disease activity. The latter is called the consumptive vD hypothesis. Please note this interpretation does not apply to disease susceptibility, i.e. low vD levels are an important risk factor for developing MS. To test the latter hypothesis we need to population-based prevention studies.”
“You may ask, based on my interpretation of this data, why do we recommend vD supplementation to people with an established diagnosis of MS? We do this as part of our holistic approach to the management of MS and do it for bone and general health. I tell my patients that based on the current evidence we can’t support the use of vD as a DMT in MS. There are ongoing trials addressing this question; we will need to wait to see the results.”

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